Letter Jacket

Letter Jacket herff jones

Our Letter Jackets are built to personalize your success and achievements. Crafted to the finest detail, each jacket matches your school colors, showcases patches, and proudly displays your successes in your school activities.


You may either follow our patch placement guide above, add additional patches or customize your own patch placement. 

Jacket Measurements

Jackets are standard Unisex/male sizing. Females usually take 2 inches off sleeve length.  Call us at 815-756-4743 to help you with sizing. 

Letter Jacket Ordering & Delivery Process

  • Complete your Letter Jacket Order online now Click here to start  and mail the order form with your Letters and Numerals to Herff Jones / 901 N 1st Street / DeKalb IL 60115.
  • We will call you within 2 business days to confirm your design and order. 
  • If you have Letters and Numerals for us to sew on your jacket, please mail them to: Herff Jones / 901 N 1st St / DeKalb IL 60015.
  • Once we receive your Letters and Numerals, we will send your finalized order to our factory.
  • Letter Jacket production time is 10 to 12 weeks once your order is finalized. Deadline for Christmas delivery is September 29th. Orders placed between September 29th and January 1st, will have a longer production time.

  • When your Letter Jacket is ready, we will call you to verify your address for FREE SHIPPING! 
  • All sales are final! Please make sure you are ordering the correct size. 
  • Patch Only Orders will take 6 - 8 weeks and will ship directly to your home. 
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