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Custom Year Dated Yard Signs available for every Grade Level

Customized with Your Name, Graduation Year, Future Plans, Sport, or Activity.

herff jones class jewelry

Class Rings and Jewelry

It’s your story. Tell it! Your personalized class ring or class jewelry is a reflection of your success. Even more, it’s a symbol of your pride and memories. Design and order the custom class ring you’ll wear proudly for years to come, even after graduation!  

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herff jones letter jacket

Letter Jackets

Our Letter Jackets are built to personalize your success and achievements. Crafted to the finest detail, each jacket matches your school colors, showcases patches, and proudly displays your successes in your school activities.

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Order your Cap & Gown and Graduation Items

Order Cap & Gown, Graduation Announcements, and Senior Items

Hey Graduates! You’ve made it to your senior year — now it’s time to get all the personalized items you’ll need for graduation. We’ll help you order your cap and gown, announcements and accessories so that you can make the most out of your graduation experience.

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Chenille Frame

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Fenwick High School

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How a Class Ring is Made